Thank you for your interest in our Premier Season of Competitive All Star Cheer!

We are so excited to build not only amazing athletes, but meaningful, inclusive relationships.  We would be honored to have you and your athlete as part of the #OAFAM!

Tryouts are for athletes ages 6+ that would like placement on a competitive team.

Athletes should be prepared to start promptly at 3 pm. Attire is athletic apparel. No baggy pants or shirts for safety, please.  OA Apparel is permitted.  Hair should be up, out of the face and off of shoulders.  No jewelry is permitted.  Cheer shoes are recommended.  Any athlete not wearing cheer shoes should wear athletic shoes with clean soles.
Athletes may bring water or snacks.  Water is also provided and snacks can be purchased.

Following group tryouts, we will quickly assess each individual in groups of three. This should only take 10-15 minutes for each group, and then the athlete is dismissed.

Sunday, September 15th from 3-5 pm is our first official


The teams will be revealed during the first half hour.  Afterwards, we will make sure all paperwork, financial info and sizing is completed.   Once all is completed, you are free to leave.

Please be sure to read through the All Star Packet.  At the end of the packet, you will find the Try Out Questionnaire. Please make sure to print it out and complete as much as you can prior to Try Outs.

If you have questions regarding the form, please come early so we can help you fill it out.

Please fill out the form below to receive a copy of our Information Package and more information about our program!