I wanted to take a little time today to talk about why you and your child would absolutely love my classes. As a mom of 4, I totally understand how hard it is to try and plan kid’s activities for the school year, AND how important it is to choose the right ones.  I have a little experience in this, as my two older kids have done all kinds of activities all over the Coulee Region.  There really are some amazing organizations in our area, and our kids are really blessed to have so many opportunities to learn and grow.  And now, just to make things that much harder, I go and throw in one more!   But I promise, I have a really good reason to throw a wrench in the works!

You see, when I was in middle school, my life had some crazy ups and downs.  I also had a few “frenemies” in middle school that liked to make me feel less than for their entertainment. It made for a pretty challenging time in both middle and high school, and it resulted in feeling like I didn’t really “belong”, well, anywhere.  I started cheerleading when I was really little, but I never really realized how much it would impact my life until I was in 6th grade.  During this crazy, unstable upheaval, I would go to the cheer gym and feel at home.  They were my people.  They loved me because I was me.  They loved cheerleading like I did.  They “got” me.  My coaches, my teammates, they became my other family.  We worked as a team, we believed in each other, we made sure that our teammates never gave up, and because of that experience in my life, I’m here.  And to be totally honest, I NEVER thought I would be HERE!! But that’s a story for another day.

So, fast forward 10 (or 20) years, and here I am, asking people to pay me to teach their kids about the sport that I love, the sport that lifted me up, figuratively and literally, and gave me the confidence to push past the hard stuff to get to the good stuff.  I truly believe, as a parent and a coach, that kids learn so many life lessons from the activities they partake in throughout their childhood.  I also know there are other activities in the area.  So, to finally get to the point, WHY Obsession?  Because I am invested in your child’s well being, mentally and physically.  Because I will do my best to teach your child that failures are just stepping stones to their success.  Because confidence comes when kids learn that their mind can push their bodies to meet amazing goals.  Because, I don’t want any child to walk into my gym and feel alone, or not enough, or any of those awful, scary feelings.  And because of my experiences and education, when they do feel those awful, scary feelings, I will do my very best to show them that they are better than good enough.  Because they are rockstars at Obsession Athletics.

If any of those things sound good to you, I’d love for your child to join our program.  If now is not the time and your child is struggling, please, do not hesitate to reach out.  I have lots of strategies that I have learned and used to work through some hard times, and I would be glad to share.  If you are already part of my program, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you.  You are helping a little girl’s dream come true.

Liston Stanley